Sometimes I wonder how have I managed to do so many things in my life, and lived in so many environments and cultures. I have been working with the loveliest elder people, and taking care of the mysterious young ones. I have been working on trash and design, feeding the hungry with nurturing clean food and intriguing art projects.

Now I’m living a nomadic life with my indescribably beautiful lover and father of our child. Learning yet another life task, the real big one, moving towards becoming a mother. All that I have sucked in from this world will be useful now, and it’s time to switch from ever experiencing to giving forward all the beauty I have gathered.

This blog is part of that. I write about topics that I want to raise into conversation. Alternative ways of living in a modern community and society, and how to ethically go forward as individuals and collective. I’m especially interested in equality in communication and sexuality. We live in such interesting times, concerning that never before have different groups of ethnicity, gender and religion had so many channels to connect, as well as clash together. My writings are deeply personal, and aiming to give something to relate.